A Colourful Henna Affair

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It was an airy day at the polo grounds, the grass was lush, soft and green and we could see the horses in all their glory as we drove into the winding lane that led to the main building at the Polo Club. It was just the perfect day for a wedding event! We were here to set-up for an all ladies Henna ceremony for a young, dreamy eyed bride from the Uk.

We used personalized signs on easels to welcome guests and highlight the mehendi corner.




Marigolds are considered an auspicious flower for South Asian weddings and are generally the preferred choice for a henna event or pre-wedding home events. The theme we went with was colourful and ethnic in style with cushioned floor seating and a smattering of marigolds all around.

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Large, French windows surrounded the entire courtyard at the Polo Club and our biggest challenge was to cover these in a decorative manner yet providing complete coverage for this ladies only event. We did this by creating pure white curtains that ran all along the windows with a streak of a coloured curtain running through each one.

An ethnic, shimmery stage in bright colours with a swing and swaying marigolds completed the look.




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